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Artsmox is a newly formed Melbourne based company that offers a wide range of unique patterns, with sizes for both children and adults. Artsmox pride themselves by using high quality fabrics that are sure to withstand the mess that comes with being creative.

Artsmox came about from the need for my child to have a cotton art smock for school. Thinking nothing of it, I did leave it until about a week before school started to get her one. To my shock and horror I could not go to any mainstream store to buy one to fit my daughter. I then turned to the trusty online stores, and, again I was let down, they either didn't have one in stock or I could not get one big enough for my child. Now you are all probably thinking I have grown a giant! No, my child is not unusual and should not be made to feel so, she is just 'tall' for her age. It was at this moment Artsmox was born. I swore that from here on in, no child, big or small would be unable to get an art smock in their size.

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